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There are so many types of powders for different skin types. But it is important that the powder is made of high-grade components. If you are looking to buy powder online then connect with us.

Our Specification

We are specialized in manufacturing powder for different skin types. We use the best quality components in the manufacturing process and use advance and latest technology.

We manufacture the medicines as per industry norms and International standards.

Why Our Company?

The motive of our company is to deliver the medicines at a reasonable cost and to enhance the value of human well-being. Apart from manufacturing medications, we also export these medicines to many countries. So, at our company, you can get powder according to your skin type. We are particular about the norms that govern the safety, efficacy, testing, patenting, and marketing of medications. We are dealing with many medications types including tablets, capsules, injections, dry syrups etc.

Sr Generic Name Drug Dossage Form
1 Acriflavine Powder 25gm POWDER
2 Activated Charcoal Powder 300gm/ jar POWDER
3 Albendazole Powder 300mg/G POWDER
4 Amitraz Dip Concentrate (Powder) POWDER
5 Amodiaquine and Artesunate Powder 150mg+50mg POWDER
6 Amoxicillin and Clavulanate Potassium Powder for Sachet 1g + 125mg POWDER
7 Amoxicillin and Clavulanate Potassium Powder for Sachet 250mg + 31.25mg POWDER
8 Amoxicillin and Clavulanate Potassium Powder for Sachet 500mg + 100mg POWDER
9 Amoxicillin and Clavulanate Potassium Powder for Sachet 500mg + 62.5mg POWDER
10 Amoxicillin and Clavulanate Potassium Powder for Sachet 875mg + 125mg POWDER
11 Amoxicillin Sachet 500mg POWDER
12 Amprolium + Sulfaquinoxaline Sodium + Vitamin K3 Powder 200mg+200mg+2mg/gm POWDER
13 Amprolium + Vitamin K + Dextrose Powder 200mg + 10mg + 790mg/kg POWDER
14 Azithromycin Sachet 200mg POWDER
15 Cephalexin Powder 7.5%,20g POWDER
16 Chlorinated Lime 30% POWDER
17 Cholestyramine for oral Suspension 9g POWDER
18 Ciprofloxacin and Tinidazole with Vitamin B Complex Powder 50g + 50g POWDER
19 Clotrimazole Powder 1%, POWDER
20 Diminazene Aceturate Powder 2.36gm POWDER
21 Eosin Red Powder POWDER
22 Eosin Yellow Powder POWDER
23 Etamiphylline Veterinary Oral Powder POWDER
24 Fenbendazole Powder 20% POWDER
25 Fenbendazole Powder 25% POWDER
26 Gentian Violet 25gm POWDER
27 Gention Voilet 20g POWDER
28 Glucosamine Sulphate and Meloxicam Granules1500mg + 15mg POWDER
29 Isapgol Husk POWDER
30 L-Arginine 61% 3 gm.+ Proanthocyanidin 10% 75 mg Sachet POWDER
31 L-Ornithine L-Aspartate Sachets 3g POWDER
32 Lactobacillus and Fermented Neutralized Growth Medium Sachet 10 Billion + 160mg POWDER
32 Lactulose Sachet 10g POWDER
33 Lactulose Sachet 1g POWDER
34 Lactulose Sachet 20g POWDER
35 Lansoprazole and Sodium Bicarbonate Sachet 30mg + 300mg POWDER
36 Magnesium L - Aspartate Hydrochloride Sachet 1229.60mg POWDER
37 Mesalazine Granules Delayed Release 1g POWDER
38 Miconazole Nitrate Powder USP 2% POWDER
39 Milk Powder with Vitamins and Minerals 400gm POWDER
40 Multivitamin and Multimineral Amino acids Powder POWDER
41 Neomycin + Polymyxin B Sulfate & Bacitracin Zinc Antibiotic Powder 3400 units+5000 units +400 units POWDER
42 Neomycin and Bacitracin Powder 5mg + 250 IU POWDER
43 Neomycin and Bacitracin with Sulfacetamide 5mg + 250 + 60mg POWDER
44 Not mfg. by us POWDER
45 Omeprazole and Sodium Bicarbonate Sachet 20mg + 300mg POWDER
46 Omeprazole and Sodium Bicarbonate Sachet 20mg+1680mg POWDER
47 Omeprazole and Sodium Bicarbonate Sachet 40mg+1680mg POWDER
48 Oral Rehydration Salts 12.3 gm. POWDER
49 Oral Rehydration Salts 20.5 grams POWDER
50 Oral Rehydration Salts 27.9gm POWDER
51 Oral Rehydration Salts 4.3 gm. POWDER
52 Oxytetracycline Veterinary Oral Powder POWDER
53 Para Amino Benzoic Acid Sachet POWDER
54 Paracetamol and Ascorbic acid Sachet 600mg + 40mg POWDER
55 Paracetamol Sachet 300mg POWDER
56 Potassium Permanganate IP 100gm POWDER
57 Povidone Iodine Powder 5% , 10gm POWDER
58 Probiotic Blend 1g POWDER
59 Purified Talc 500gm POWDER
60 Pyrethrum Dusting Powder POWDER
61 Soda Lime POWDER
62 Sodium Acid Phosphate Granules POWDER
63 Sodium Polystyrene Sulphate Powder 500g POWDER
64 Sorbitol Oral Powder 5gm POWDER
65 Talc Dusting Powder POWDER
66 Tylosin Tartrate and Sulfathiazole Sodium Veterinary Oral Powder POWDER
67 Vigabatrin Oral Powder POWDER
68 Zinc Oxide Powder POWDER

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Capsules are easier to swallow as compared to tablets and are utilized by producers when the medication cant be compacted into a strong tablet. They are likewise valuable when the medication should be blended with oil or other fluid to help retention in the body. It is typically a shell or compartment made of gelatin that contains the medication.

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Creams ointments

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Are you looking for dry syrup distributors online. If yes, then this the best pharmaceutical company in India for all your medicines needs. We provide various medications at a reasonable cost so that anyone can afford it.We have a number of people who are working in our company from last many years and have an expertise in their work.


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